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Have You Been Unhappy with Your Relationship or Marriage?

Are You Struggling To Keep It Together?

  • Do you feel lonely and unloved?
  • Has affection or closeness become a thing of the past?
  • Do you feel unable to communicate without bickering?
  • Are there issues of trust that bother you?
  • Has there been an affair?
  • Are you both unhappy or do you feel that your partner doesn’t understand?
  • Or have you both become disconnected?

There are many couples who find themselves adrift, no longer feeling good about their relationships. It can be a painful experience to be in an unhappy or conflicted relationship. It can feel even more painful if your partner doesn’t recognize how badly you feel.

The problem is that negative patterns can become the norm and now your relationship is stuck. You need help to make changes happen.

Why Couples Come to Couples Counseling ?

Poor Communication Skills

Many couples find that they are unable to talk together without being misunderstood. In fact they might even find that their conversations devolve into arguments which were never intended.

This pattern of poor communication can become entrenched and, over time, each partner can then become defensive. This can turn into a hostile style of communication that is disheartening and very damaging.

Sexual Problems

You may have found that your sex life together has either become boring, dwindled to a very low point over time or disappeared entirely. As a couple you may have become out of touch with this once very important part of your life together.

Trying to again experience the good feelings that intimate contact and enjoyable sex can create is a worthwhile reason for couples to come to therapy.

Intimacy Has Waned or Gone

The closeness you once felt is no longer present and you feel disconnected from each other. No more kissing or holding hands or romantic moments. In fact so much time has gone by without an intimate connection that it feels really awkward to try.

Parenting Issues

One of the big issues for couples with children is learning how to parent cooperatively. Partners often run into conflict with their spouses about how best to handle different parenting issues.

Breaches of Trust

Having an affair, lying about financial or personal matters, using drugs or alcohol secretly; any of these breaches can cause a major crisis that often needs professional help to resolve.

Affair Recovery

Working through recovery from an affair requires a more specialized form of marriage counseling. Here the delicate fabric that holds the relationship together has sustained a serious tear. It is a type of breach of trust that has a unique meaning to each couple and needs to be sorted out with the help of someone who is both skilled and experienced in these matters.

Wanting help with a Healthy Divorce

Not every marriage will last. Sometimes the couple coming in for marriage counseling has realized that they can no longer make it as a married or fully committed couple. They don’t want to end the relationship disliking or even hating each other. They may even have a child or business together. Couples can be greatly helped using counseling to work through this difficult process while being respectful of each other.

Whatever The Issue…

Whatever your issues may be, you have decided to consider getting help through couples therapy. It is often not easy to take that leap of faith but without trying to make things better you will never know.

Moreover, should things continue the way they are going your relationship may not survive.

How Couples Therapy with Dr. Hyman Can Help

I have been helping couples to create better relationships for more than 25 years. I am also a clinical sexologist with a deeper understanding of sexual issues that often undermine the relationship.

I have learned how to help not only as a professional but also as someone who has been successfully married for many years.

Couples Learn to Improve Communication Skills

Effective Communication is a skill that can be learned. Couples who have been communicating so poorly are often surprised by how much better they can become with help.

Couples Learn to Become More Intimate and Loving

Whatever the patterns are that have caused the destructive decline in your relationship they can be changed or eliminated. Learning to nurture a healthy relationship creates the environment for reconnecting with your partner.

Learning to Trust Again

Marriage counseling can also be about repairing and healing the delicate fabric that binds you to your partner. It will explore the dynamics that exist between the two of you, help to heal wounds and create a more empathic and loving relationship.

Becoming Happier with Yourself and Each Other

Making the decision to face the issues between you even though it may be a little frightening and uncomfortable is both brave and worthwhile. It is an assertive act and you can feel proud that you have taken steps to grow a better life together. Becoming an emotionally healthy couple will make you a happier couple.

Some Concerns People Have About Couples Counseling

Marriage Counseling Can be Costly

Marriage counseling is an investment in yourself and your family. Have you been able to put a price on your pain and suffering? Have you thought about how the negative impact of your relationship affects those around you?

It Will Take Too Much Time

Learning to do almost anything takes some time. There is no real formula for how long couples therapy may take as each couple is different. Some couples need less work than others. In fact, depending on the couple and the issue, the process can be quite brief.

It May Not Work

There are no guarantees that marriage or relationship counseling will solve all your problems. However, if you don’t try you will never know. If you have given counseling some thought then you probably feel you need to do something about your relationship.

Counseling May Make Things Worse

What is more likely to happen is that you and your spouse will begin to better understand each other. It is typically the case where a couple experiences becoming more aware of what is really happening between them. Awareness is the first step towards creating solutions.

One Partner Won’t Come

Sometimes it takes one partner to begin the process before the other decides to join. I encourage individual partners whose spouses won’t come in at first to begin to look at and explore the way they handle the issues they bring to session. It has been my experience that the other partner often becomes intrigued enough to change his or her mind.

Don’t wait!

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