ADD Questionnaire

Welcome to your ADD Quiz

The following is a quiz that may help you to identify whether you have ADD. It is not a clinical instrument but more a guide for you to evaluate the possibility that you have the condition.

Please answer yes or no. Answer YES only if you feel that the description has fit you throughout most of your life.

I often find myself overwhelmed by details.

It is often difficult for me to fully complete a task, especially if it has several parts to it.

My thoughts seem hard to hold on to.

I become irritable easily.

I space out when I am in conversations with people.

I tend to interrupt or blurt things out when I talk to people.

I find it hard to stay focused when someone talks to me for a while.

I often find it hard to pay attention to almost anything.

I have difficulty reading because my mind wanders.

I tend to feel edgy and have a hard time staying still.

It is hard for me to just think one thought.

My moods tend can change quickly.

Unless something really interests me I find it hard to pay attention.

I tend to start things but not complete them.

I seem to be “antsy” and prefer moving around.

I often feel my mind is jammed up or cluttered.

I can be easily distracted.

I will often delay starting something that takes a lot of focus.

I can space out or daydream easily.

I am upset about the way my mind works.