Sexual Addiction Quiz

Welcome to your Sexual Addiction Quiz

1.) I find it difficult to stay faithful to my partner.
2.) Thoughts of masturbation or having sex preoccupy me.
3.) I masturbate every chance I get.
4.) I look at pornography often.
5.) I think about looking at pornography often.
6.) I have had unsafe sex.
7.) I go to strip clubs as often as possible.
8.) I will frequently lie to my partner about sexual issues.
9.) I will seek out multiple sexual partners.
10.) If I have the opportunity to take advantage of someone to have sex I will.
11.) Even in my workplace I might say or do something that might be considered sexually inappropriate.
12.) I will pay or have paid for sex.
13.) I will often seek out or chat with someone anonymously with the goal of having sex.
14.) I keep my sexual tendencies secret because I am ashamed of them.
15.) I believe I am obsessed with thoughts of sex.

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