The Sexual Compatibility Quiz (COPY)

Welcome to your The Sexual Compatibility Quiz (COPY)

Please rate each statement with one of the following:
Completely Agree (5 points); Sometimes Agree (4 points); Neutral (3 points) or Never Agree (2 points).

When you are finished rating all the statements add up your individual scores, add them together, divide by 2 and check the score key at the end of the quiz for your compatibility score.

It is not necessary for both partners to always be enthusiastic about having sex.

Each partner must be willing to initiate sex.

Setting specific time aside for sex is necessary.

I want my partner to be spontaneous when it comes to sex.

I would understand if my partner was not in the mood for sex.

It is best if a couple is direct with each other about their sexual needs.

Once an emotional commitment is made fidelity is expected.

Sex can be both playful as well as serious.

Being sexual with each other often involves more than just the sexual act.

Each partner needs to feel satisfied that they are enjoying sex equally.

Both partners should be open to sexual experimentation.

I want my partner to tell me that I am a good lover.

Sex doesn’t have to be romantic.

Being “sexy” starts with the way one feels about oneself.

Sometimes a gentle touch can create an intense feeling of sexuality.

It is best if each partner feels comfortable about initiating sex.

Partners should have regular conversations about their sex lives together.

I want my partner to understand what I consider a turn-on.

There must be romance for there to be sex.

There is no set number of times per week that a couple should have sex.

Having sex in different locations can be exciting and fun.

There is nothing I wouldn’t do to turn my partner on.

I am open to any sexual act.

I would consider using sex toys.

I would consider watching pornography together.