Substance Use Disorder Quiz

Welcome to your Substance Abuse Quiz

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1.) Do you frequently think about using alcohol (or any other drug)?

2.) Have you caused embarrassment to yourself, your family or friends while under the influence?

3.) Have you been late for or not been able to show up for work or social events because of your substance use?

4.) Have friends or family members asked you to cut down or stop?

5.) Have you ever had a DUI?

6.) Have you ever (in the past year or two) been arrested as a result of drugs or alcohol?

7.) Have you ever (in the past year or two) gotten into a nasty fight or argument due to drugs or alcohol?

8.) Do you have angry outbursts or fights with your spouse or partner while under the influence?

9.) Are you upset with yourself because of alcohol or drug use?

10.) Do you feel anxious or depressed when you think about the effect you've had on loved ones due to drugs or alcohol?