How Blue Is Too Blue: Why You Need Depression Counseling Now

hope and despair signsWhy is it you just can’t seem to enjoy life anymore?

While it’s true that a string of rotten days or the daily bombardment of a disheartening 24-hour news cycle can get anyone down for a while, is something about your mood starting to feel a little too “blue” or too pervasive?

If you feel like you are constantly in the shadows of something dark and heavy, despite the Miami sunshine, depression counseling may be the move you need to provide answers and relief. Here’s why:

Depression Counseling Can Help You Shake “The Blues” You Can’t Shake On Your Own

Feeling down is one thing, feeling unable to rise above those feelings is something else.

Sadness and disappointment are often natural reactions to adversity. Yet, typically, those dark feelings fade once a trying situation passes. The difference between those temporary emotions and depression is time span and intensity.

Depression is a tyrant. It can drag on for months or even years. And, unchecked, it can lead to dangerously low self-esteem and an extreme sense of hopelessness.

It is a mental condition that gets in the way of really living your life and exacerbates your emotional pain. As a result, sleepless nights as well can often accompany depression. Being able to focus and concentrate are frequently hard to do. Even routine decision making becomes taxing.

Depression counseling helps you strategically break that cruel cycle. When you sense your life is spiraling down, there is no shame in seeking help to resurface.

Getting your spirits back is within your grasp and working with a professional can help you get there. You can start to ease depression’s grip on your mind by taking steps to understand your condition, define some reachable goals, and practice ways to relieve stress.

Depression Counseling Can Address Why Normal Activities and Relationships No Longer Interest You

What is it that you love to do? Who do you love to do life with? Whatever activities and relationships you previously enjoyed, depression has likely put a damper on them.

Disinterest and withdrawal are clear markers of depression. However, you needn’t lose your zest for life permanently. Depression counseling is effective because treatment involves taking measures that support your goals for the life you wish to live, even if your depression had made them seem unobtainable.

Depression counseling can relieve that sense of pointlessness.

Working together, we can find ways to establish healthy routines and self-care that will help you separate who you really are from your chronically low mood.

Depression Counseling Can Help Alleviate Feelings of Worthlessness or Anxiety

Finally, are feelings of guilt, hopelessness, and powerlessness crippling your self-esteem?

Depression can be extremely detrimental to your sense of purpose and hope for the future. If your old confidence and resolve have been replaced with self-doubt and worry, you may also suffer from anger and a tendency toward risky or destructive behavior as a result.

Depression counseling can help filter and address your feelings and responses. Relief can come by way of a variety of therapeutic approaches, with the primary goal of interrupting destructive thoughts, unhelpful self-talk, and any self-harming behavior.

Depression doesn’t go away by itself, counseling helps stop the mental slide you may not be able to stop on your own.

You needn’t go on living in pain, or unbearable numbness.

Even if you don’t know how much better you could feel right now, use the little energy you have to reach out. Depression is so damaging because it makes you passive and deceives you into thinking that you are powerless.

Most depression sufferers, whether they live in Miami or elsewhere, tend to suffer in silence. They are not proactive in seeking depression counseling. You do not have to be one of them!

It’s time to reclaim your mind. The depressed you is not the real you. You just need someone outside your own head to show you how to heal.

If you feel like you’re stuck in the cycle of depression, let me help. Click here for more information on depression counseling.

About the Author

Dr. Stan Hyman is a licensed psychotherapist and life coach in private practice in Miami, Florida. He works with people struggling with powerful issues such as  depression, addictions, anger, anxiety, stress, and work life balance.