How Your Life Coach Helps You Win: Synergy, Structure And Expertise

Whether you have formerly written your goals down on paper (or digitally) or just loosely defined them in your mind, you do want to be able to achieve them.

Unfortunately, many of us may not be able to put together the game plan, strategy or the team to do this.

In fact, it may be that, even with the best of intentions, our ideas about what we want to achieve get muddled. We may find ourselves in need of guidance and direction.

This is where a life coach can make all the difference. By creating a strategic partnership between you and a life coach you increase the potential for success many fold.

While life coaches aren’t life magicians, motivational gurus, or professional hand-holders, they are intentional agents of insight, change and perspective. They are meant to help you corral good ideas and best intentions into effective, workable plans of action; plans that will serve you well and help you up your own game.

All great athletes have coaches. They need them to see what they themselves may not be seeing. Coaches accelerate progress. A life coach can accelerate yours.

Key aspects of winning with a life coach are shaped by three main factors: 1) Synergy, 2) Structure, and 3) Expertise. Let’s look at how it’s done:

A Life Coach asks you to engage in a synergistic relationship for sharpened focus and supportive teamwork

Do you worry that involving others will distract you or derail your plans?

Your coach will help you appreciate and embrace the idea that “going it alone” might not be the best way to identify needs and accomplish your goals. You and your life coach become a team.

Synergy is in effect, harmonizing big ideas, deep thoughts, and innovative or even outrageous aims into something creative and concrete. Your vision will bloom collaboratively around a single end goal. Your life coach will help you stay focused and engaged.

The main idea is that people need people. We often do better, think deeper, and achieve more when we cling less to individualism, bounce ideas off each other, and allow seeds planted by someone else to germinate.

With a life coach’s input, you may see your vision grow in ways you might not have anticipated.

A Life Coach provides structure for expanding the plans, processes, and power you’re able to exert over your circumstances.

With a life coach you’ll get more traction quicker.

Momentum will build as increased confidence and a willingness to take action stimulates a greater vision. More effective execution will become the norm personally and professionally.

How? Your life coach helps structure your efforts in a few important ways:


Few people accomplish goals without someone to answer to. It is human nature and it’s wise to use it to your advantage. Your coach will routinely be seeking a progress report based on agreed objectives and keep you motivated. Knowing you are accountable for your actions often prompts harder work and grander goals.


A good life coach is professionally trained to encourage and reassure you with the end goal in mind. They won’t nag, punish or threaten. This is coaching not boot camp. You’ll look forward to your regular coaching interactions and planning sessions. Your life coach may challenge you, but you will come away uplifted and inspired to make things happen.


Development and change are essential to a life coach’s approach. He won’t just throw a lot of assessments, jargon, or solutions at you and leave you to sort through it all. Your coach assists you in integrating the skills you learn, and helps you make the changes you want to make. Life coaching is effective, active and collaborative, not just informative.

Good intentions often run off into a ditch when they encounter bumps in the road. Life coaching keeps you from spending too much time sidelined or in a rut. Helping you reach breakthroughs quickly and feel better prepared going forward is a life coach’s specialty.

A Life Coach lends expertise, offering key advice for realizing or surpassing your goals.

Your coach will guide you in appropriate goal-setting, the development of skill sets that maximize productivity, the construction of solid money-making opportunities, and how to restructure your personal and professional life to ensure positive change and fulfillment.

Using these skills can set you apart, expand your sphere of influence, and foster collaboration in ways that you likely never considered before. Simply put, you don’t know what you don’t know.

The aim is to work together so that you become a life expert in your own right, becoming even more competent and successful in your business and personal relationships.

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About the Author

Dr. Stan Hyman is a licensed psychotherapist and life coach in private practice in Miami, Florida. He works with people wanting to perform at higher levels to achieve success and balance in both life and work. This includes individuals, couples and business partners