The Best Life Coaching Tips On How To Overcome Obstacles

Our goals, objectives, and dreams drive each of us forward individually. With our eyes fixed on the target, and a plan in place, we hope to move ahead, eventually reaching success.

You may be in pursuit of your own goal now.

Whether you’re full throttle forward in your life’s quest or steadily chasing it at a slower speed, you’re moving ahead toward your dream… but there are always obstacles that lie in the way.

In today’s world, where a pandemic has caused many of us to reevaluate the conditions upon which we may have based our choices, it is imperative that we learn how to rework our options.

On every path lies some type of road block. When an obstacle impedes your path, there are three simple choices:

  • Go back
  • Remain stuck
  • Move forward

Moving forward is the only way to reach your goal, but knowing how to successfully overcome obstacles can prove challenging.

Common knee jerk reactions to calamity include denial, panic, surrender or retreat.

While it is possible under almost any circumstances to overcome hardship and achieve success, some strategic life coaching tips can help catapult you past any hurdle.

Consider the following strategies for overcoming obstacles:

1. Come To A Halt

Are you prone to panic? Do you immediately recoil when something abrupt or unforeseen appears and frightens you? If something suddenly and unexpectedly jumps in your way how are you likely to react?

Rather than panicking or creating havoc in your own mind and in the minds of those around you, make a conscious effort simply to stop and take a very close look at where you are and what you are facing.

This may sound self evident but many people make knee jerk decisions at a time of perceived crisis.

Practice self-awareness first. How is your body responding to your circumstances? Take several long, slow breaths and just stop!

Doing this will help hone your senses and sharpen your focus.

Use the break in activity as an opportunity to observe and accept the obstacle for what it is – simply something preventing you from reaching your goal at the moment.

Making a life altering decision in a panic rarely turns out well. Therefore, putting the brakes on for even a short while to gather yourself and your advisors makes for a better outcome.

2. Validate And Understand Your Feelings

Facing an obstacle often produces a variety of emotions. Depending upon how you perceive the sudden hurdle you are facing,  you may feel anger, fear, sadness, self-doubt, anxiety, panic, frustration and even depression.

One important life coaching step in overcoming obstacles is to acknowledge these feelings and your right to experience them.

It’s not imperative to understand why these emotions exist as the assumption would be to assign blame to the sudden hardship you are facing, but it is necessary to validate their existence.

Don’t fool yourself but recognize the truth, you may be worried, afraid or even discouraged.

By allowing yourself to experience these feelings you are not dwelling on them but simply acknowledging they exist. By doing so and compassionately checking in with yourself before attempting to move past the hurdle, you are in effect reorganizing for the next push.

Consider it part of the process. In doing this, you will clear your mind and body of the stress denial that suppression can create, thereby being able to focus once again on the importance of your goal.

3. Reassess The Situation

Building momentum may have been your biggest strength before you hit the stumbling block. But being slowed down by an obstacle needn’t derail your focus.

Instead, allow yourself to take this time to reassess your situation.

Examine you’re next objective and the path to getting there. Determine whether it’s still necessary to achieve the original goal or is a pivot in order.

Perhaps a goal established some time ago isn’t right for your life today.

Obstacles often seem like negative forces preventing success. Sometimes they may actually serve as the prompt we need to redirect.

Only the goal-setter who spends time truly considering the options presented by an obstacle or even a catastrophe, will know the difference.

4. Explore Your Options

When reaching your previously established goal is no longer an option, then you must look for others.

Whether it’s a personal decision, a career goal that needs to be re-evaluated or a business direction that may be hampered by a hitch you hadn’t expected, options may seem narrow or nonexistent at that moment.

Sometimes your vision gets blocked when the stress of an unexpected event blindsides you. The benefit of collecting your thoughts and taking some time to regroup often shows up in the options you end up developing.

Working with a life coach may reveal that your new goal may not be far from the original one.

Having the assistance you need to get to the next level can make all the difference.

5. Form An Alternate Strategy

If a tree limb were to block the road you were traveling on, you would probably navigate a trail to bypass it. It would not be the original path you would have chosen, but after a few bumps, it would likely get you back on track.

Forming an alternate strategy to reach your goal is like bypassing the tree limb. The bumpy path is not your first choice, but it is a viable means to an end.

Creating a new plan and the strategy to deploy it is the next component after choosing a different option. It’s not failing, but exercising flexibility and skill.

Even in the midst of formulating a new game plan, the essence of your goal can still be embraced.

6. Try Again

If the obstacle was too great to achieve a successful outcome, don’t be discouraged.

You may have underestimated the cost or the level of skill necessary to gain the momentum needed.

While the original plan might have failed to the extent that it could not be fully executed, if you are clear about what you want to achieve there may be a better way. You start again, wiser and better prepared.

By considering these valuable life coaching skills, you may find yourself encouraged and your resolve strengthened.

In life there will always be hurdles to clear and our courage and judgment will always be tested.

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About the Author

Dr. Stan Hyman is a licensed psychotherapist and life coach in private practice in Miami, Florida. He works with people wanting to perform at higher levels to achieve success in both life and work. This includes individuals, couples and business partners.